Don’t Leave Your Health To Chance, Use Gluten-Free Meal Planning In Hartford

There’s so many more people suffering from gluten intolerance and allergies than once thought. They suffer from bloating, diarrhea, osteoporosis and even depression and more. Often, the symptoms are misdiagnosed correctly and people suffer needlessly. If you’ve been diagnosed as having a problem with gluten, dealing with it isn’t easy, but you can do it. Getting good advice and help with gluten-free meal planning in Hartford is the first step to take.

What is gluten?

Grains have protein in them and one of those is gluten. It’s found in wheat, barley, triticale (which is a cross between rye and wheat) and rye. You do have to worry about cross-contamination during the processing for food like corn, rice, quinoa or other gluten-free grains. Gluten-intolerance is still being studied and there’s still question on why it occurs, but many doctors are prescribing a gluten-free diet. Why? Because it can’t hurt. A healthy diet that lacks gluten might solve the problem and make the patient better. That’s what meal planning is all about, making sure you are healthy and get all the nutrients you need, while eliminating gluten from your diet.

There are so many products on the market that are labeled gluten-free.

As you walk through the grocery, you’ll notice labels that proudly display a product is gluten-free. You usually pay more for those, but you don’t have to do that. Some grains are naturally gluten-free, such as brown rice, wild rice, quinoa, oats that aren’t contaminated by processing with gluten products, arrowroot and amaranth are just a few. Fresh fruits and vegetables, most types of protein (avoid processed forms like the ones in TV dinners) and almost all dairy and fat.

If you aren’t used to cooking gluten free and want to save money, use a meal planning service.

You can spend a fortune buying expensive items that are made for people with gluten-intolerance or make the food yourself. It doesn’t have to be difficult and doesn’t mean that it has to taste bad. Fresh gluten-free food from the kitchen will tempt even those that don’t have a problem with gluten. It’s healthy food that everyone can enjoy and best of all, doesn’t have to break your budget. It’s recipes that use common ingredients that don’t contain any gluten.

  • The money you save on special foods at the grocery more than makes up for the minimal cost of menu planning.
  • Menu planning will save time. It saves you time at the computer trying to find gluten-free recipes and balancing nutrients. It saves time making a grocery list since most these programs provide a shopping list.
  • If you use a meal planning service, it’s based on not only your food intolerance and good health, but also your food preference and taste. You’ll get recipes for food you like.
  • Meal planning and preparation ahead will make your week run smoother. You can prepare all the food over the weekend, then you just heat and eat during the week. It’s faster than drive-through.

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Don’t Leave Your Health To Chance, Use Gluten-Free Meal Planning In Hartford