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“Just eat less and exercise more!” is what we’re told from well-meaning family and friends, as well as doctors during our annual health check-ups. Not only does that sound awful, but it doesn’t solve the problem for maturing men and women.

Finally, as a result of technology and a revolutionary program designed by a team of Registered Dieticians and Medical Doctors, it's now easier than ever to live a healthy lifestyle where you’re able to naturally and effortlessly lose weight to look and feel AMAZING!

Online Nutrition & Meal Plans

Weight Loss & Wellness

Designed for effective weight loss that stays off! Increase your metabolism, burn more fat, and become more fit and healthy with the weight loss and wellness meal plan option.

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Sports & Muscle Building

Select one of these meal plans to enhance exercise performance or build more muscle mass. We design healthy, well balanced meal plans to support muscle building & sports performance.

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Detox & Cleanse

Many digestive problems are connected to a toxic liver and colon. Our well-designed detoxification program along with a quality probiotic restores a healthy digestive system.

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Meal Plans Based On Your Personal Information

Once you input your information, your plan is displayed with options to exchange foods for preferences.

We Do All The Work For You

All you have to do is buy the foods in your meal plan. How do we know what you should be eating? We will take your personal health data to create an eating plan that best suits your needs. DON’T pay a nutritionist or personal trainer to tell you what to eat. With our program you DON’T count points or calories or question what you should be eating. You DON’T have to read labels and calculate fat and protein content. Our mobile app will give you all the information you need to reach your goals.

Set Goals & Log Your Food Intake

Keep track of your weight changes, use your food & exercise journal, sync with FitBit & suported wearables, and create goals for yourself.

Experience MyMoves Workout


  • Follow simple workout routines customized to your level of fitness
  • Learn how to exercise properly with video demonstrations of various movements
  • Enjoy tracking your progress on your smartphone
  • Ask questions and get feedback from your coach



Grocery List Generator

Our system automatically creates a comprehensive grocery list detailing the specific items and quantities you need for your personalized meal plan. Also available on the mobile app.


Food Swaps & Nutrient Tracking

See a food or beverage in your meal plan that you don’t fancy? Simply exchange it for another item using the included food library! Also available on the mobile app.


Barcode Scanner

Don’t feel like typing in all that nutritional information? Let our mobile barcode scanner do the work for you.


Recipes Made Easy

Not a culinary artist, not a problem! Expand your cooking skills with our included extra 70+ step-by-step recipes. Cuisines including Hawaiin, Southern, Asian, and more!


Goal Tracking

Visualize success by keeping track of your weight and measurements changes. Also available on the mobile app.


FitBit Syncing

Connect your account to your FitBit and watch those steps add up!

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